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Yulia Luchkina

Born in 1980, Yulia Luchkina is an emerging artist from Novorossiysk, Russia. Young, beautiful, and ambitious, she defines her artistic genre as “after a brush”. A graduate of Kuban State University, Yulia is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia and the International Federation of Artists of Russia (IFA UNESCO). Yulia’s art has been exhibited in the Kovalenko Art Museum of Krasnodar, the Museum of Angels in St. Petersburg, the Novorossiysk State Historical Museum, and the Museum of World Sepulchral Culture in Novosibirsk.Yulia’s parents were both artists, and immersed her in the world of art. “I realize that art is the most powerful and positive emotion for me,” Yulia expresses, “which eclipses all others in my life. I love what I do. Everything else in life passes through, but my artwork remains, always.”

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