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wedges for women


Discover ICON’s wonderful wedges

Do you love heels but struggle to keep them on for long?

Well, then it’s time for you to give those strappy stilettos a break and make way for their chunkier counterparts. Wedges are everything you wish your heels could be. They are steadier, comfier and better options for your feet. But do you worry that they might ruin your look?

ICON breaks the stereotype by designing super stylish wedges for women like you. From strappy pieces to smooth slip-ons– we’ve put together an iconic shoe line of wedges for your everyday use. They are pretty, peppy and so-much-easier to wear than heels.

Plus, their cool vibrant colors make them a great addition to any ensemble. You can pair them up with skinny jeans or pair them off with cute summer dresses. Our wedges are an easy breezy way to maintain your height without breaking your stance.

So what are you waiting for?

Shop wedges for women!

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