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stylish walking shoes

Golf & Walking Shoes

Discover ICON’s exclusive golf and walking shoe collection

Do you like to go trek on long trails? Are trekking and hiking part of your weekend activities? Did you join the country club? Whether it’s the steep terrains of your nature walks or the grassy grounds of a golf course you can’t survive the rough surroundings on your standard footwear.

That’s why we’ve introduced a special shoe range that covers outdoor stylish walking shoes. Each of these pairs is carefully designed to suit the unpredictable environment. They are hard-wearing shoes that are made with high-quality durable and sturdy materials. They won’t stick to the wet grounds of muddy trails or feel stuffy after a tiring day on the golf course.

You can opt for properly covered sneakers or some cute peep-toe sandals. The shoe range is filled with vibrant colors from soft pastel shades (Aunt and Child), kaleidoscopic styles (Garden Views) to retro vibes (1930).  

So what are you waiting for?

Ditch you ordinary golf shoes!

Let’s walk towards this iconic stylish walking Shoes collection.

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