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stylish sandals


Discover ICON’s stylish sandals collection

Admit it. When it comes to comfortable footwear, you always opt for sandals. Their sturdiness and well-crafted designs help you maintain your balance whenever you’re out and about the city. But ICON doesn’t want sensible footwear to dampen your style.

This is why we’ve created our iconic line of stylish sandals. This particular collection is bursting with eye-popping colors and exquisite designs. We’ve got a variety of options available for you.

You’ve got the delicate floral prints of the ‘Garden Views’, the quirky aesthetics in pieces like ‘The Girl with the Red Beret’ and the fiercely emblazoned ‘Zebra Stripes’. Whether you pick these ultra-edgy strappy sandals or the muted tones of something like ‘Almond Branch’one thing is certain your style quotient will still be at its peak during casual outings.

So what are you waiting for? Give your sensible shoes an iconic edge with our amazing pairs.

Come let’s shop for sandals right away!

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