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Messenger Bags

Womens Messenger Bags

Discover ICON’s assorted range of messenger bag

Do you own a messenger bag? If you just said no, then you don’t know what
you’re missing out on! Traditionally, womens messenger bags was associated with

delivery guys and paper boys because of their space.

This convenient style is what makes them so popular in the modern world. Not
only do they work as travel bags but they are practical for everyday use too. From
bottles, books, tablets to even laptops―you can fit all your essentials into this

perfectly-sized bag.

ICON’s collection is truly offbeat and easy-to-style. Our leather-bound bag
come in a variety of vibrant colors that transform your average everyday
ensembles into something spectacular. Built for convenience these bags come
with sturdy leather straps, multiple pockets and lots of space to carry your

So what are you waiting for?

Add an extra dash of spunk to your travel style!
Shop for our iconic bags!

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