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Stylish Womens Designer Satchels

Discover ICON’s assorted range of stylish designer satchels

Satchels might not be the trendiest handbags out there, but they’ve secured a coveted spot in the fashion world. History tells us that they were originally considered as mere ‘school bags’. But women soon realized the importance of these spacious designer accessories and started utilizing them for everyday use. Soon enough the fashion industry caught a whiff of the frenzy in these stylish womens designer satchels and that’s how these conventional creatures joined the fashion-forward front.

But here at ICON, we always try to think beyond the norm. So instead of creating a line of identical satchels with their drab looks and boring leather-bound exteriors we have designed a range that adds a fun twist to this traditional accessory.

Our collection contains crazy prints, unique embellishments and eccentric designs that match your wild aesthetic sense. But like any standard designer satchels, these bags feature sturdy straps, lots of roomy pockets and a security clasp. All these features allow you to keep things organized and safe when you’re out and about.

So are you ready to bring back-to-school special satchels?

Come, let’s shop for satchels!

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