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clutches for women

Women’s Designer Clutches

Discover ICON’s iconic collection of chic clutches for women

Do you want to dress to impress? A women’s accessory collection is incomplete without a statement clutch. That’s because, in the world of handbags, these small statement purses make the biggest impact. So whether you’re going on a date, attending a high-profile event or a gala a chic women’s designer clutch will tie up your sophisticated look. Plus, they also come in handy to discreetly carry all your makeup essentials. (But don’t tell that to the others!)

What’s in store for you at ICON? We introduce you to a line of some quirky clutches for women. They add a pop of color to your monochrome ensembles. And also gel well in the day events when you’re aiming for a casually chic look. The collection features some interesting designs like the exquisite floral pattern of the ‘Japanese Screen’ and Creamy Silhouette. We’ve also got the solid ‘Russian Red’ if you wish to make a bold statement or a cute pastel print of ‘Aunt and Child’ if you’re want something softer.

So which clutch will you choose?

Stop wasting time and shop for some colorful clutches right away!

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