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Designer Bags And Wallets

Designer Bags And Wallets

Discover ICON’s smart and stylish wallet bag collection!

Admit it. Sometimes tote bags and spacious satchels aren’t too practical. That’s why ICON’s crafted a line
of brand new designer bags and wallets. The smart design overcomes all these hurdles without spoiling your style.
What in the world are wallet bags? They are the perfect combination of the style, sensibility, and
organization. Our wallet bags are no more than miniature purses that can be dangled around your
shoulder. But it’s their size that becomes a convenient selling point. They won’t weigh you down and the
detachable strap allows you to convert these bags into a wallet anytime you want. Plus, the designers
have made sure that these wallets have all the necessary compartments and pockets. So you can stow

away your cash, credit cards and travel essentials in an orderly fashion.

Our collection features some striking designs and creative patterns. From pastel patterns, whimsical
scenes to abstract art― we’ve rounded up a collection that’ll ensure that you always stand a class apart.
Plus, the sturdy straps, leather finish and perfect size make them an ideal addition to your everyday

accessory collection.
So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to stop rummaging through your cluttered bags and fiddling with the stubborn zippers. Go take

the minimalist route with these designer wallet bags.

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