Discover ICON’s convenient dust bags

Nobody likes dusty handbags or worn out shoes. Do they?

But that’s exactly what happens to your favorite pieces when they’re stowed away in the closet or placed upon a shelf.  However, you won’t ever have to worry about dust clinging to your essentials anymore. That’s because we’ve figured out a great way to protect your arm candies and stylish shoes.

Introducing ICON’s cool and funky dust bags for handbags and shoes! Our sustainable dust bags are made from breathable cotton that shields your precious possessions from the elements. It’s conveniently closed with the help of beaded drawstring. The dust bags for handbags coming in two different sizes to accommodate your accessories. Plus, they’re light and easily foldable― this makes them easy to pack in your suitcase or fit in the closet.

So which one of our dust bags will you choose? Will it be the dark broody black? Or the bright peppy yellow?

Shop now and bid adieu to the dusty bags and shoe!

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