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stylish card cases

Business Card Cases

Discover our designer card holders for women

Is overstuffing your wallets with credit cards a big fashion faux? No. But it
definitely makes things difficult for you. Not only do you end up with a bulky
wallet but searching for your cards becomes so much harder too. This is why ICON
has introduced its own sophisticated line of stylish card cases for women. To ensure that

you keep all your card organized and secured.

We’ve got a drool-worthy variety of stylish card cases that are cute, peppy and fun. From
floral prints, digital art, and scenic scenes― each design has something different to
offer to its wearer. You can opt for one that has an attached strap for easy

handling or ones that function as a micro-wallet.

The best part about our card holder is that their dual purpose. Their small size
allows you to fit into your handbags just like a wallet. And their beautiful designs
give you the option to use them separately too. So just pick a card case that suits

your style and get ready to conquer the world.

So what are you waiting for?

Stop overstuffing your wallets and opt for a slim, sleek and stylish card case

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