Made in Alberta

Icon Shoes Saskatoon


Icon Shoes was created in Hollywood in 1999.  They began putting well-known works of art on beautiful shoes, handbags and small leather goods, the first being Andy Warhol’s, “Campbell’s Soup Can”.
In 2018, Icon became Canadian!  A group of socially-conscious people bought Icon and brought it to Saskatoon, with the intention of using the business to support recovery and second chances.
The flagship store was opened at 808 Broadway Avenue in July of 2018.  The e-commerce was continued and new international websites are being launched.  Manufacturing is being established here in Saskatoon and soon, “Made in Alberta” leather goods will be produced.

One thought on “Made in Alberta

  1. Jackie Pickard says:

    I am looking to purchase a pair of leather beaded ladies moccasins no fur. I would like to get them in dark navy blue and about a size 7. I have a pair from about 17 years ago and soles are wearing. Bought in Saskatoon.

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