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Bringing Art to Life

Seventeen thousand years ago, art was used to tell a story for generations to come.  It was also used for religious or ceremonial purposes. As society became more and more industrialized through the ages, the vision of art became a form of creating something beautiful, something that is pleasing to the eye and inspiring for […]

Topping off your summer outfit with Icon Shoes and Accessories

Summer is back!  It’s time to say goodbye to your hoodies and boots until fall!  With a very simple summer outfit, you can really make a statement when you top it off with our designer leather handbags, women sandals and or walking shoes.  Bringing art to your outfit-of-the-day can make a huge difference in your […]

Made in Alberta

  Icon Shoes was created in Hollywood in 1999.  They began putting well-known works of art on beautiful shoes, handbags and small leather goods, the first being Andy Warhol’s, “Campbell’s Soup Can”. In 2018, Icon became Canadian!  A group of socially-conscious people bought Icon and brought it to Saskatoon, with the intention of using the […]


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